After tapping the orange UPix icon, you’ll start in camera mode. To create a UPix, you’ll need to first select a background image. Press the camera button to snap a new photo or press the white squares button to open your gallery, where you can select one of your existing images.

The next step is to take a selfie. UPix automatically removes your background, so hold your device steady and take a photo. Don’t worry about the size of your selfie – you can scale & move it in the next step. If the app didn’t remove all of your background or if it cut off part of you, just press the back button (on Android) and retake your selfie. If you’re an Apple user, press the X button to discard your selfie, re-select your background image and take a new selfie.

The third step is to scale and position your selfie where you want it. Using standard pinch gestures, you can make your selfie bigger or smaller, and then tap & hold the image to move it around. When you’re happy with the results, press the share button (3 connected dots) to post on social media or tap the checkmark to just save the UPix on your device. You can always go into your gallery and share the UPix later if you’d like. If you don’t wish to save the image, press the X button and you’ll be returned to the UPix home screen.

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