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Make your background disappear with a few taps to make your photos a whole lot more interesting!

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Always be part of the fun

  • Easy

    Just take a selfie and let UPix automatically remove your background. Resize and arrange yourself onto another image and that’s it!

  • Smart

    The perfect shot isn’t going to wait for you, so snap your photo and then use UPix to drop your perfect selfie onto that photo. Problem solved!

  • Engaging

    Social commentary just got more fun. Put yourself onstage or in a TV show and let your friends know what you think.

  • Social

    UPix connects to your favorite social media apps like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. And if your friends also have UPix, your selfie might just turn into a groupie!

How to use

To get the best results, don’t be afraid to try taking your selfie at a different angle or from another direction.

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Behind the curtain

The technology behind UPix has been long in the making. A previous implementation of these advanced imaging techniques has shipped in over 50 million 3D devices. The technology was then included in PC software to enable the removal of a user’s background in real-time while streaming game play or using video chat applications. The team at GenMe has now shrunk these innovative background removal smarts into the UPix mobile app to enable a new world of creative photo sharing.

  • Does not rely on special hardware
  • Works in portrait or landscape mode
  • Watermark removal available as in-app purchase
  • Los Angeles based support

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